Thursday, January 25, 2007

Benq Monitor Says Cable Not Connected

3D Desktop La Fonera

addition to new "calling home" and DRM capabilities make Windows Vista especially with his posh surface with 3D effects headlines ... but also Linux, a long time:

The conservative approach is Beryl expanded and the normal Gnome, KDE or XFCE desktop for transparency and a number of cool effects, then what looks Sun . Install Beryl on can Automatix Bleeder , and if you have to take the Nvidia beta drivers, you have to start not even the (automatically configured) XGL desktop session. If everything went well in testing, enter the "beryl-manager" in the appropriate startup list, and you have the coolness factor his desktop for a few 100% increase.

who is a bit more adventurous, can the new Looking Glass desktop Installing the Sun, which can place all desktop elements in free space (see also video ). Looking Glass is still aA real "version 1.0", that is reckoned with various bugs and limitations in everyday use.

Mandriva in the next version will offer a solution called Metisse . At the moment there are only a few videos and a live CD, binaries for other distributions, I could not find until now.

is To make it this year three excellent Linux Alternatives to the new Vista desktop type that meet the highest aesthetic demands.


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