Monday, January 8, 2007

How Long Does Tamazepan Take Too Work

for Linux Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy

So good's new first ...

In the Christmas holidays I had a bit of time to play once again with Linux around, and although I am Kubuntu and Xubuntu ultimately back to the good old Ubuntu landed here to a brief review.

On my Acer laptop built in wireless 12/2006 ran out of the box (integrated Intel chipset), the latest Nvidia drivers for the video card could be easily over install Automatix is \u200b\u200b(of course, about APT / Synaptic, but this driver a little older and you must then do is run a configuration script manually). In general Automatix contains lots of useful software (yet) is available in the Ubuntu repository, so it is definitely worth a look.

an overview of the used / installed software can be found here And my Linux-Links can be viewed here , both sources are constantly updated. There

problems at the moment with the SMB (network drive / printer) access to my desktop computer as a workaround I use for the file transfer function of the installed there UltraVNC server is not therefore the level of suffering at this point at the moment so high, but that should in theory everything worked (maybe it's enough to specify the IP instead of computer name, no idea).

Conclusion: Since last week, get Ubuntu the default boot flag, because I have almost everything to do with it what I need in everyday life Sun Windows I just have to a few games and boot for the Napster music flatrate . Since I am yet to find a workaround (WINE / Cedega /...) if what is remains to be seen ...


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