Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Uses Brother Ink Lc51

In terms of the GPL idea works, the English wireless provider "Fon":

who shares his Internet access can, but with surfing all the other members of the community free of charge. There are a subsidized wireless router for € 29 - (in the context of actions often free, like in the PC world, 02/2007, where I slammed ...).

security concerns are unfounded, because the private and public network are isolated and the public access is not anonymous, that Fon can trace back who the bad illegal stuff is being downloaded on my router ... a DSL router is present, the configuration works fully automatically via DHCP. PPPOE (eg directly on the cable or DSL modem) is supported, but it costs more decided effort.

Which ISPs support this idea / permit is documented at Wikipedia When in doubt, look again, but rather in the contract ... and then log on, go!! ;)


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