Monday, February 5, 2007

Pokemon Batlle Revolution Rom


who has been brought forward to Win3.11 times the program manager to the DOS prompt, who has never typed in the Start menu under For construction the abbreviation "cmd" and does not know what a "-" means in front of the search Google, can continue to browse safely.

All others, at least occasionally appreciate the advantage of good command line are delighted that such a thing now exists for the World Wide Web. YubNub is called the "social command line for the network. What is something practical, is best seen by trial and error. Here are some suggestions:
  • ls: lists commands like "ls google"
  • you: Declared commands, eg "man ls"
  • g: Google search, eg "g YubNub"
  • wpde: search, eg "wpde beer"
  • leo: Begrif D-Engl. , Translated as "leo cell phone" (or leofr / leosp for other languages) are
Other examples are the YubNub page (either as a link or "ls"), my personal favorites in this Google Spreadsheet .

Who YubNub home page is too spartan, I did last weekend, a small module for Google / cobbled together IG , which renders me personally good service (out YubNub commands in a new window and can Google search Hide ).


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