Sunday, May 6, 2007

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Pandora - Spare

Under pressure from the music industry (thanks!), The popular internet radio Pandora started to block non-US IP addresses, including mine. That was reason enough for me for alternatives look:
  1. - "Artist Radio" works quite well
  2. - Pretty good at "similar titles such as, good audio Quality
  3. - Very nice to find new titles, or paint the current mood match (ever tried "dark / calm"), unfortunately only mediocre quality, for better you have to pay has
  4. mainly unknown newcomer music in good quality, unfortunately you can only play the tracks individually
A comprehensive listing by "classical" music platforms on .

Conclusion: The setting of Pandora hurts me at least, as no other music service I play that simple music that I will hear you. With the alternatives but can live without that one should give up music in the workplace.


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