Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Condolence Card Protocol

XPP (lus) - Part 1: Desktop

The fed up with the fussy XP interface, but do not want DRM-paternalism (Vista), monoculture (Apple) or tinkering config file (Linux)?

Then I have for you a good compromise on a standard XP system the highest level of Linux / Mac Avantgarde magic ...

Emerge Desktop replaces the Windows desktop, taskbar, system tray, etc. through a simple, streamlined variant in the XFCE style. desktop earth magic to a real-time picture of Earth from space including clouds and Sonneneinstralung on the desktop, and XPize Darkside is a complete XP theme (including Startup / Shutdown Screen, Logon, Alt + Tab and icons) in black .

A little Mac Gloss Launchy bring into the cabin windows, the tool detects letters after 2-3 start menu entries, bringing the fumble or Sortiererei in 57 subdirectories is finally over ... The "Explorer" window is the freeCommander replaced, far more than in an NC clones!

Cygwin replaces the graying Windows command line by a powerful Korn shell environment to Linux-style. And that you can on the internet much faster and more convenient to surf Firefox than with IE, is hardly worth mentioning.


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