Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Think My Motorbike Is A Stolen

Windows XPP (lus) - Part 2: System Tools Windows

Thus, a shiny new system (see Part 1 ) will of course be maintained ...

JkDefrag (frontend here, completely down) takes to defragment, and listens to it (unlike the XP "standard tools") at first, when the disk is defragmented completely. PageDefrag make yourself, before the start up various system files that are locked during operation. CCleaner acknowledges the registry and temporary files (eg, 6 GB of space savings on my office PC).

The ProcessExplorer replaces the task manager and shows much additional information for processes and system. The Notebook Hardware Manager utilizes power-saving features that stuck in many desktop computers.

The PartedMagic Live CD is a free alternative to tools like Partition Magic, and receives a large collection of hard drives and partitioning tools on Linux.


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