Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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Windows XPP (lus) - Part 3: Security

In Part 1 and 2 this small series, we have enhanced our Windows XP and optimized with the practical tools. To ensure that everything is so beautiful in the long run, some security measures are necessary.

against viruses and spyware, the McAfee Internet Security Suite ( free on AOL ), replaces the feeble and the XP firewall with the same. The espionage attempts by the "good guys" in derogation of Microsoft XP-Antispy . Confidential data (bank statements, love letters, ...) , with the help of TrueCrypt encrypt reliably, in a file that is then mounted as virtual drive.

The XeroBank browser (formerly Torpark) is a preconfigured Firefox browser that allows you (using TOR) may anonymously surf the Internet, which is exacerbating the speed.

Conclusion: It works! With a standard XP, as it included many years each computer and a few freeware tools you can build an operating system that is technically and visually back on the amount of time - this is the time to bridge comfortably until the last application gaps Linux closed.


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