Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tracking Who Used Volume Licensing

Rescue system on CD

At this point I would like some absolutely essential tools to present that should be in every collection (and completely burned to CD, the ISO benefits in case of emergency, unfortunately, little) ...

The Ultimate Boot CD contains numerous tools for testing and repair of PC systems, highlights include the "GAG Boot Manager (important after you uninstall Linux) Boot & Nuke (secure erase the hard drive) or FPROT Antivirus for DOS .

PartedMagic is a Partition Magic clone based on the free "GParted" Tools, simply burn the ISO to a CD, boot from it and you can change any hard drive partitions without destroying data.

PING is also a bootable CD, which offers similar features as the commercial Norton Ghost - ie it can complete partitions or entire hard disks on a secure USB drive or another computer on the network and restart.


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