Friday, May 23, 2008

Tulip Wedding Centerpiences

With Patchwork I started out about 6 years. After 2 years, then stood still productive for now. After another two years, I was then caught the virus correctly. It is so strange, for fabrics and books, I've always been looking for and bought? You never know, one day ....

But now the promised first pictures.

This image (quality is not so good, but I think you can see what) I've seen a few years ago on the Internet and even then I was fascinated by this quilt. According to the description, he was made around 1860, size 92 "x 90".

Here's my attempt at a similar quilt. As far as I am already, but for now another missing matching fabrics. I work with paper stencils cm, edge length 1.6.

And here are some pictures of my yield from the last flea market visit.

photo album, leather cover (it was really a stroke of luck)



how it looks inside of

And then these two gems:

The arrangement of the pictures is a bit confusing and sometimes not focused properly, but for now, but not bad, right? Allen wants

a good time



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