Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Opera 9.5 - Ready for Prime Time (updated)


The recently released version 9.5 has achieved a breakthrough Opera as my main browser ... The time Part of this present time.

Opera is free, fast (see benchmark ), slim and has the functions of many Firefox add-ons already installed ( TabMix + , Adblock + , Greasemonkey , AllInOne Sidebar , Secure Login , Foxmarks / Weave, Quick Proxy , SpeedDial , FoxTorrent ). An email client, an RSS reader and IRC / chat client is also installed, but I personally use. (See online alternatives )

Themes / Skins are also supported, of course, here as an example, my Like Leopard Skin ...

Tips & Tricks

  • specific web page context menu with Alt + left-click access
  • how to feed the integrated ad filter with an Adblock filter list is here can alternatively use one also Proxomitron to integrate
  • To search engine in Opera, just right click on the search box in the side and Create search select - indicate more quickly the prefix, ready concealed
  • The user script support in Tools / Preferences / Advanced / Content / Java Script Options - Creating the bottom part, All user scripts pure copy, restart Opera
  • a browser check ("not supported") can often be circumvented by "Mask as Firefox" in Edit Site Preferences / Network the shortcut menu, select the page.
  • Opera as ICQ / MSN / AIM / ... Client can use it with this guide
  • Google Spreadsheets block Opera, Zoho Office is the (admittedly better) alternative - all other Google services to run properly (Search, Mail, Reader, Picasa, iGoogle, ...)
  • For problems with web pages must use Help / Report a site problem ... often then logs a support staff with a good tip
  • Opera is NOT a memory hog but cached for up to 30% of free memory ... under Tools / Preferences / History / Advanced / Memory Cache can the implement to prevent a fixed value (eg, 20MB)
  • A Portable USB version, there are here , or with integrated TOR client here . Linux version on the Opera download page


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