Friday, May 8, 2009

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Opera 10 Alpha (Updated)

After much experimentation with Chrome / Chromium in recent weeks, I read a very good review on the Alpha The 10th version of Opera Opera avowed fan of course I had to try the same time ... here are my impressions:)

The first is the speed - Opera 10 is nearly twice as fast as Opera 9.64 and the current stable version of Firefox (the "Performance" of IE7 you have probably not comment).

As the Peacekeeper benchmark occupied, added Opera to Chrome 10 minded, complex sites like gMail compared to version 9.64 is too subjective a significant speed increase significantly.

And if one adjusts the number of toolbars a bit, the UI is at least as slim as that of the baby blue "Google Browser":

And of course, Opera is still a lot of features, of which Chrome (like most other browser can also miss) the most:

  • adblocker at run time with a single click extensible, supports filter lists
  • online synchronization for bookmarks etc.
  • full configurable UI (menus / Buttons / toolbars / keyboard shortcuts SpeedDial side) and Themes / Skins
  • Configurable cache size and behavior, their own proxy settings
  • Sidebar for Bookmarks, History, Downloads, etc.
  • "When IE / Firefox mask" + "Open With" Options for incompatible websites
  • Site-specific settings for Adblock, user scripts, Javascript, sounds, etc.
  • integrated Bittorrent client, and Google Gears client
  • Integrated Email Client / RSS / News Reader
  • integrated IRC chat client
  • Integrated Greasemonkey / User JavaScript and User CSS Support

New in version 10:

  • "frame" context menu
  • Automatic Updates
  • Integrated spelling and translation
  • Turbo mode (compressed transfer for slow Internet connections)
  • 30% faster engine and no compatibility problems (! Honest)

All this requires between 8 (!!!) and about 20 MB on the flash drive (then already including email data). The start value for the comparable combination of Firefox and Thunderbird is about 70 MB, and even chromium cracks quickly once the 100MB mark, because an awful lot history information is stored for two months.

For Alpha Opera 10 version is incredibly stable, crashes or display problems that were with the Chrome beta, and snapshots of the agenda items, I could not be established in 5 days of continuous use, Opera 9.64 and my profile could be more easily use. Some problem pages (Blogspot!) now work even better than before.

As for me, Opera is 10 to further my default browser. Whether Opera 10 can finally prevail on the market, the future will show the makings of a "Killer Chrome" he has all.

Opera 10 Download:

USB Version: = 261172


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