Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To Defeat A Faction In Mount Blade

IX Quick Metasearch

times today an alternative to Googling ... ääh ... Look;) Ixquick is a metasearch engine, ie in the background, various search engines queried and summarized the results to a results list. Ixquick uses including Ask, Altavista, Exalead, MSN, Open Directory, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

also lays great Ixquick Value on the privacy of the user - therefore, no IP addresses. Ixquick also supports HTTPS connections, ie, the provider (or employer), the search requests and results are not recorded with (the following page views, however, already).

The search results are quite used to the level of Google, but you must pay a little bit better on the language, ie German or even German settings. For fast switching, there are YubNub commands, "ii" is the English, "ideal" the German version.

times but if you want to compare results with Google to offer Scroogle - a web service of an anonymous search against Google offers (also available via SSL and localized (eg German )


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