Monday, October 25, 2010

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What you can thus make the Career Center
addition to many workshops and events to career guidance, the Career Center offers this semester, the possibility to work on practical projects.

practice project "Newsletter"

registration until 25.10.2010 by email to

bianca.stur @

practice project Berufseinstiegstag "
With our partners we organize a" Berufseinstiegstag, "in inform the students of the University of Leipzig and Leipzig University of Applied Science on the different ways of transition into professional life. For this preparation, we are looking from November 2010 to May 2011 a student team.
jana.wuensch 10/25/2010 Register by e-mail to


practice seminar on career guidance
Learn about the variety of career fields and applications. In three events, as well as presence in an independent working group to work to bring together potential careers and come with practice partners in conversation. Finally, a practical dialogue, or a field trip is organized to an employer.
registration until 29.10.2010 by email to

constance.boehme @

more information available about it in practical projects under "Services for Students."

Workshop "The Bologna process: taking stock after 10 years"
are invited to all students who acquire a basic knowledge of the
on Bologna Process and with other Saxon
students about the implementation of the Declarations want to discuss. aim of the workshop is to develop a position on the Bologna
Saxon students, so we
hope for a large attendance of students from different university locations.
the workshop will take place on Saturday, 11.06.2010, 10-18 Clock
in the University of Leipzig, meeting point: Student Council University of Leipzig, University Street 1 The workshop will be headed by Gerald iron sheets. to ensure
a minimum number of participants is 10 people,
is asked for a mandatory registration:
anni.fischer @ s2008.tu


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