Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eat And Play Restaurant New Jersey

!! Ticket ballot for the semester of 23 to 25 November 2010!! New

On the days of 23rd to 25 November 're asking you! Because then the ballot
refers to the new semester ticket
instead, decide on all students of the university.

How and when you can get to by tram and bus in Leipzig on the way to be, you know everybody. The current model could change from next winter semester.
want to select the semester ticket ballot result, four options.
• The zero solution - no more semester ticket from 1 October 2012
• The current model - the maintenance of LVB's base contribution model
• The MDV-full ticket - as the HTWK and HfTL available
• The MDV-full ticket and all trains throughout Saxony and there is also found in one convenient table. The election will take place at our Institute at the 3 days mentioned. There you can also again like to get rid of your questions before you set your key crosses.
So inside briefly in the models, add events to the calendar and then from one day 23rd to 25 November in a two minute walk choose! We are looking forward to a very large turnout, because: it relates to yes and all.


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