Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post Umbilical Hernia Surgery

events in November

geographers and geographer love women!

It is November, sometimes rain, sometimes snow, and definitely cold. That is Despite a general house-to-warm-Stay-In-mood but worth it just on the bike or the train into the dark cold to go outside here show times put together events in November. For those who use it: a lot of fun!

26/11/2010 release party and reading "24 hours Leipzig. Freu (t) spaces. - A book of travel in Transitions "

This coming Friday, 26.11.2010, finds the release party and reading
and reception of the student book, \\" 24 Hours Free Leipzig (t) spaces
- A book of travel in transitions \\ "instead.

Seven students invite the reader to one, depleted Cities
once considered not as an apocalyptic scenario. Abandoned factory site and
abandoned swimming pools to develop their own realities, which hold the
authors experimentally in their travel reports. In the often unnoticed and unused
\\ "spaces \\" a shrunken city
in this way are 24 moods of Leipzig were to encourage people to
travel and explore.

release party and reading
on Friday, 26.11.2010, 19.00
clock in households eV, Lützner Str 39, 04177 Leipzig.

awaits you see:
Author reading from the book
exhibition of drawings by Anja Görtler
champagne reception
music with DJ D'dread (Down Beat Electro Funk Swing)

workshops on action week BarrierenBrechen2010

Fri 26 November Workshop Interpretations of the various hierarchical
other treatments are based. Using a change of perspective
is about to question the common understanding and
normality in the sense of accessibility and equal opportunity to think again.

Speaker: Carsten Völtzke (MA Political Science and Sociology) and Peter

Tue 30 November Workshop are the body, the standard or the norm.
to understand, how are social otherness and rankings for
physical dimensions and in view of the cultural production of the disabled body
work, a theoretical framework
is necessary. This should be developed in the workshop and in a perspective
The exceptional nature of each body and
the hierarchies of the differences between people
step further.

Speakers: Franziska Göpner (MA Cultural Studies), Carsten
Völtzke (MA Political Science and Sociology) and Peter Jorcke

event of the Geographical Society

Geographical Society on the ground ... *
Tuesday, 30 November 2010, 17 clock
Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH, Leipzig
Ilas Grain Weller House (London)
Meeting point: 04347 Leipzig, Braunstr.12
* Please let us know your coming call Margraf (0341 600 55 139) and Mr. Hänsgen (0341 600 55 165) or by e-mail
o_margraf @ or with!


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