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Big Fat Christmas! (And other interesting stuff)

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It is cold. There are a lot of snow. It is winter. What can not be far away? Right, it is Christmas soon! Why are, of course, a Christmas party and geography else anyway, as always a lot going on in terms of events and actions. So just read and the 10th December record ever in your homework book!

Christmas geography

On Friday, 10.12. place in the GeoWerkstatt the annual Christmas party instead of geography. As befits a grand Christmas celebration is mulled wine (red and white!), Scrap Secret Santa (who brings what also gets what), two very cool bands and 6 boxes of free beer (!!!) of the noble bachelor thesis writers.

You are all invited, come numerous and Christmas is with us!

find more information about what and when to follow early next week!

The cultural department of the Stura looked for the December events at the following beautiful legs. Well, what up for this?

11.12. TEXTS AND SOUNDS - Musical
reading in the Reading Cafe Star of the South (Karli, corner stone road)
20 clock
open reading for creative people
live jam with? The Hard Moods? from Dessau
appointment (erwünscht!) for readers to
Entrance: solo Checkout

The reading is about to offer Studis and other
a great evening of literature and music in a relaxed atmosphere . And I also look
readers (perhaps
song writers) who have the desire to contribute their own texts with
. Who of you is interested or knows someone who
which could have, please mail to me.

16.-19.12. Dramarama - Improv Theater Workshop

workshop days 16 . - 18.12, theater rehearsal space science Plagwitz
Participation fee: 10? for students, limited places!

performance 19.12. at 19.00 in the theater house roof stone entrance road
2? Students and other sales, reduced 4? other

goal should be to their own ability to express themselves artistically
, improve and enjoy the game to have. After the three can
Workshop from the 16th-18th, sign up for all you who
course, there is a small performance on 19 Stone Street in the house.

applications and tickets:

StuRadio active and stubborn do you!

The stubborn active is the newspaper of the Student Council and therefore it is for all students and especially for the student representatives, a medium for student communication. With a circulation of 6000 copies currently still achieves the more active students as obstinate in person is possible. The next issue is scheduled for January. Copy deadline is 13 January 2011. In the stubborn active you can discuss, inform, clarify and mobilize. So using these platforms for you and your needs.

StuRadio with the Student Union on air every second Wednesday of the radio program of the Student Council on Radio Blue. StuRadio is an open format, the program has focus, however, the university life, the needs of students at the UL and the work of the Student Council. Regularly active students, representatives of the student representatives and office bearers to the live broadcast are invited to the studio. But StuRadio is used only by some few FSRä. You can change the
every other Wednesday as it goes to your student council at StuRadio StuRadio stubborn and active, in addition to your website the most media coverage for your and the interests of the student body. Taking part is easy. Articles, requests, suggestions for the stubborn active can simply contact the Unit for Public Relations be sent. If you want to introduce your FSR or want your students to communicate something, asked the presenter of StuRadio Anne Ode or the Office of Public Affairs at.,

logo competition for the creative among you!

A logo for Saxon students

The KSS calls a competition for a new logo! The conference
Saxon student bodies - in short KSS - represents you and your interests before the state of Saxony. For example, in questions about tuition fees, the participation of students at the university, the support from your university and the financing of universities. In times of financial cutbacks by the state government it is more important to decide not only from the university distant experts, because the students end up paying the missing amounts. To make their new visibility, the KSS is calling for a competition on for a new logo. Attend each and every student can be a Saxon college is a requirement is not there.

your creativity with - rewarded, your design should be selected - 207.62 EUR. This represents the highest contribution of a semester-Saxon university for this semester, the HTW Dresden.Entwürfe be submitted by e-mail or by post and should be provided with your name, your university and your e-mail or postal address. Closing date for entries is 31/12/2010.

Postal address: TU Dresden
Helmholtz Straße 10 01069 Dresden

e-mail address: @

You Want to learn more about the MWF and the work in the Saxon universities ,
Please contact your student representatives, your Student Council or inform you on the website of the
KSS under


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