Monday, December 6, 2010

How To Make A Boa Fleece Scarf

semester ticket voting and lecture on climate change

semester ticket ballot result

The students of the University of Leipzig has voted by a large majority for the retention of a semester ticket. Which semester ticket is still unclear. Between the LVB-semester ticket and a full ticket, there was a stalemate. In the full-tickets, there was significant support for the MDV-full ticket, only 40% preferred a Saxon-wide semester ticket.

In a runoff election in January 2011 to a decision on the two favorites of the ballot, MDV General Ticket and LVB Semesterticket be brought about. One reason

for the scarce and sometimes ambiguous results of the ballot is the large number of invalid ballots. Of the 8391 ballots were cast 672 ballots (8%) are invalid.

When you find out how to vote ballot, we will let you know in good time of course!

And .... A great tip from a fellow student!

lecture on "Climate Change: imagination, dizziness, or cause for action"

Organized by the Energy Association Academic Leipzig

When? Wednesday, 8th December 2010 ; Start: 19:00 clock
Where? Lecture Hall 12 University Street 3, Lecture Hall

By Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner
Department of Energy Management and Sustainability University of Leipzig


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