Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Walk A Duck On A Leash

Dshini # 4: If a Hirschhausen

Hello lovelies (:

came after a Group agendas waiting time request confirmation and request shipping today at my fourth filled Dshiniwunsch desired, I had the audio book! Love Tokens "by Eckart von Hirsch Hausen. I love this man so much that I had to have the CD, even though I know the program already. The books I have already swallowed up and I get to crying behavior when the Guteste times to see again on television. Especially his views and statements on smoking are delicious ^. ^

Thank you to this point-to-Dshini again. Although the collection now takes longer, but the possibility is great. Now I gather together with some friends for a bit of gamer toys; D difficulty is the squirrel feeds the process but it feeds on.

Are you also Dshini? What do you wish?
have already received requests And you met?


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