Friday, February 18, 2011

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Alverde healing earth ... Shampoo!

Hello lovelies (:

No, today it is not about the wonderful skin care range of alverde, it is about the healing earth Shampoo. Visually, the difference does not take much, but it is provided for many different applications;) It is also against greasy hair, so that you have a comparison to the Balea shampoo from Tuesday (-> Review) .

* available at dm and Budni
* nearly 3 € for 200ml
* dandruff and greasy hair
* silicone-free and vegan
2-3 times a week throughout * usually washed

click enormously increased.

+ hair after washing very good grip and feel great are soft on
+ hair easy to comb and style are easy to
+ very pleasant, slightly sweet , smell
+ scalp is cleaned well, hair is vegan squeaky
+ and without silicones

- you need quite a lot of product
- Shampoo is very fluid
- Hair Grease only marginally less


Similar to the Balea shampoo, only positive. The overall impression of the hair like it here better because the hair looks really healthy after washing and silky to the touch. I did not expect miracles, but also lubricates my pony more lively. While not as strong as usual. Perhaps still a aftermarket product, because I like the hair feel so good.

Have you ever tried the shampoo? How do you find the
alverde hair products?


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