Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chinese Crested Breeder In Las Vegas

I confess I am a murderer

Hello lovelies (:

Normally I just do not want products to be empty because I'll hang months on it. But in February, this time accumulated a lot and I'm really proud of me. Soon I would also start again a true beauty murder to the other but more in a post.


I (disposed of some already):
- Balea AMU remover
- Aero nail polish remover
- Alverde Pearl Peeling
- Alverde pearl day cream
- Balea happy moments Shampoo (rusty in the corner, now recovered and in love)
- Alverde healing clay face fluid
- Balea cherry lip balm
- Alverde Concealer

I'm having quite proud killed me in a month like so many products. This creates space, ergo I can once again try new things ^. Schminkielogik ^.

hold the products with you always forever and 3 days or do you need to consistently?


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