Thursday, February 17, 2011

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refrigerator monologues # 2

wisdom of the day: Tonight, it gives campaigns up to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes I think it would be easier somehow "unintelligent" (thanks to Jenni for the word that did not occur to me:) to be. Not that I would hate it in principle, just to think further than from the wallpaper to the wall, like some people. But people who think do not really have its advantages. And then I hear myself say these phrases: "I had to decide - reason or intelligence." And I realize I have quite a shot in the knee.

On Saturday my theory class is finished. Fu. That is, I have to go soon. The sending you means I will have many people in danger. I should perhaps begin to pray effectively. Only endanger me, okay, that my two left hands and feet do every day. Stand by me.

254 + 11 ♥ Thank you.


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