Monday, February 7, 2011

How Do Come Milk In Big Boob

The Sonnenaufgangnagelrad

Hello lovelies (:.

After a short break now once again a treasure to my Nagelrad or nail polish collection I like to call the sun-wheel, as it reported , but orange and red paints containing little more color then, as a simple taupe or nude;.) Overall, however, a very nice compilation.

(1) Yves Rocher French manicure vanilla
(2) P2 - Joyfull
(3) Basic - Gold Yellow
(4) Basic - Gold Green
(5) Basic - Metallic Orange
(6) Essence - Flower Fields (LE)
(7) Essence - Glitter Topper Julia
(8) Basic - Cream
(9) Essence -
(10) Basic - Orange Cream
(11) Essence - Once upon a time (LE)
(12) No Name - Pink
(13) No Name - Red

If you possibly have a certain varnish Swatches or would like more details on the nails have to, you say it, moreover, I do it quite quickly (:?

Do you like it stronger, some warm colors
Or are you more the type cooler ?


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