Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is It Normal To Be Really Wet


Hello lovelies (:.

As far as I've watched my last Nagelrad really comes today from my personal collection this is it today at my smoky dark tones such as gray and black.

(1) Essence - Live Forever (limited)
(2) Basic - Silver Grey
(3) Basic - Matte Anthracite
(4) P2 - Eternal
(5) Essence - Into the Light (limited)
(6) P2 - Crackling paint
Black (7) P2 - Silver Crackling paint
(8) Essence - Steel Me (limited)

My Lieblingston of this wheel is the creamy dark gray. Who knows of a similar color, could please leave me in the comments, because I am seeking an alternative to Basic. Overall, I like this darker tones best for parties or when I want a classic tone on your mind.

When does it tend to black or gray?
Do you know a nice creamy dark gray paint?


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