Monday, February 7, 2011

Japanese Tea House And Gardens Book

Monologues # 1

I always drink too much. And if so, is 2 liters at a time. Health is not.
Did I hungry? No, I'm sick. But one is always chewing gum.
Better to physics, a high on energy efficiency of the sinus and derivatives with respect to time.

knowledge of the day:
My life consists of accidents, me, a handful of ashes, the other full of cookies and still I would want to give it a day. It lacks an entire corner of the 'really happy', but if I manage to smile every day, I will not run after this myth.

Hello lovelies (:

I always think about what I could pack up now and then just my thoughts on my blog Personally, I find something at least always quite interesting, and include on my blog somewhere. . yes, my thoughts can not always go just about make-up;) So today I had the idea for fridge monologues. How often do I stand in front of him and think about the meaning of existence and the existence of parallel universes to ... Long story short: my fridge monologues are small snippets of thoughts to you.

Could you like that?
Although I was really in this case no matter could be if all scream no, because after such a category, I have been looking longer.


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