Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mucus Newborn Baby Throat

A Make Up 4 Dshini

Hello lovelies,
Dshinianer hello dear, dear Dshini

currently takes place on Dshini a contest in which one can present his or Dshinityp good Dshini a bit in styling and make-up can help. And that's what I decided.
There's just Carnival and the Carnival season in full swing I have, to the colorful Hawaiian chain ajar, a fancy make up for it. I'm sure it would Dshini are wonderful and when they figure they can do still wear a cute Hularöckchen. The Make Up is therefore maintained extra colorful, since Dshini is as colorful and diverse.

I have all the colors of the rainbow, or the Zoeva 78 range, hergibt. The points I made with a small sieve, breaking up the right side of the face slightly, and on the other hand, I have a flower of Hawaii tried to draw. Given a strong pink gloss finish and the colorful look is the Carnival.

I hope you like it you Dshini, and of course all the others. For my Case at least had a lot of fun with face painting, and I hope it's carnival under.

As what are you going this year?

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