Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Balea Vitalizing Shampoo

Hello lovelies (:.

Today again a detailed review by me to the Balea Vitalizing shampoo with lemon grass and ginger, I had already mentioned that in the winter grease behind my pony so extreme and so I wanted to try this product for slightly greasy hair. ... And I'm ambivalent

* 300ml for just 1 €
* for vitality, brilliance and expressiveness
* smells Klostein or Kloreiniger
3-4 times per week * used


+ + Very good foaming
hair is cleaned well
+ on the first day after washing the hair are very crisp and bright
+ very cheap

- Scent of Klostein
- too many contain parabens
- hair grease used to further
- not a new 'energy' is visible, especially on the second day
- with regular use of the hair dull and lank


I'm very ambivalent, but voted negative. My hair grease happily ever after, the shampoo smells just uncomfortable and I do not want on the second day after washing the same have a mop on his head. And as you can see perhaps contains the shampoo is really a lot of parabens. For the price, okay, but no need to buy product.

Which shampoo do you use?
Which series can you recommend?


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