Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plan B For Sale At Walmart

My new refrigerator protector

Hello lovelies (:?

After the bombing of silicone Dove, was also heat protection spray called, finally murdered, I went on a search for a successor. The guardian angel of Got2be me is a little too expensive and L'Oreal I was disappointed, so I looked in the good old Balearegal. And I found it.

* 200ml
* almost 2 € spray at dm
* from 15cm, protects from dehydration and heat shock of hair
* after washing and before any re-straightening / blow drying / curling use


+ pleasant smell
+ can be very simple and fine spray
+ Lever for locking and unlocking the pump dispenser
+ hair do not feel dry at
+ tips break less

- hair grease faster after
- at higher temperatures, it seems hardly
- continue to split ends, even if no breakage


I'm not sure how I found it. Sometimes I like it well, but I also would like a little more protection than this Especially the faster greasing the approaches bothers me and I probably will again search for a balm or similar. However, it is used up. Can you recommend

heat protection products?
maintains Or do your hair differently, to float and hair dryer?


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