Friday, February 25, 2011

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Sickly Friday Filler

Hello lovelies (:

I wanted to today so much a blogging AMU, because my yesterday was succeeded so well and now I just want something to. bed. I do not know what's going on, but I feel just sick, depressed, tired and I totally emotional. So unfortunately, just a short filler Friday

first Actually, it would be nice , times when everything would work the way I plan it.
second Lately I find my life and sometimes only ridiculous.
third Last night I got the 'successful' gamble with friends and love me then carved into the pan.
4th My thoughts often so far away.
fifth I could never leave lying around a lonely so single cookie.
6th There would be NO MORE onions, if I had a cook (after all I know already 3).
7th As for the weekend, tonight I am au f my bed, morning I healthy be planned and Sunday I would like be well again!

Then I wish you a nice weekend, stay healthy and always thinking of your loved ones. And think in general, some forget that more often.


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