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Women's Monster Energy Corset

Guest Post - Read and love!

Hallöchen dear blog readers of crystal blog (:
know maybe some people of you, that's a side where you can work out the points and do great things like this. On this page there is now an action where one can imagine the spotlight and win a lot Dshins by for example a blog writes about himself. Since I do not have a blog Stina was so kind to publish my post on her blog. Thank you so much, dear Stina (:

So then I'll start

something about you.:
My name is Rebecca M . I am 17 years old and come from a humble little hamlet.

Since when you are with Dshini? Registered
I have already a while ago at Dshini, in between times I've unfortunately stopped short time to play. But now I'm full of it again since December .

Do you have a best friend on Dshini?
a best friend? Yes, spontaneously come to mind as second The Stina love, of course, the moose has a great talent for painting (see it on you!), And even my Finschi .

Dshini Why?
First and foremost, that there can work out things for which you may not necessarily the money. Especially the time I start my driver's license and am grateful for every penny I can save. Since I find Dshini already a great thing, to be met little wishes. I wanted as long have a xbox Kinect to just inside in winter can make something with my friends without having to sit around all day. I would buy me something not of course for me is the money but too bad (: But even with such an offer Dshini Matters a great opportunity.

Dshins How many do you have?
the moment I have unfortunately only 52 Dshins because I always when I have accumulated a large amount all donate at my request. It pleased me then to see what percentage I always managed by the request already had and I already see it with my friends rumturnen front of the TV: D

Do you something for your Dshins get?
No, I unfortunately have not. My first wish I never finished and is my present strength a little more expensive, so it could still take a while to meet the. But I know someone who has already received several requests from Dshini.

What is your favorite Daily on Dshini?
Linked and Hauzilla. The first is simply a very fast and Hauzilla I find a great game (:

What would you do with 3 wishes?
I would hope that I remain my best friends forever. They are very important to me and I will never lose it. I still hope that in future everything will be just like me I imagine, with a great job, a wonderful family ... Well, that was actually the most important. So I would do with the third wish belang something looser. Namely, I want a hot tub. Oh man I just love those things: D

Where you're buying the most?
The New Yorker. As does my sister and I can always really great advice ^ ^

How would you describe yourself?
Hmmm .. Self-assessment is not really my thing. But for you I give it a try: D So, I really love cookies and I have a lot of nonsense. For my friends I do everything and sometimes I'm a little complicated because I have my own logic to everything and everyone, which is often not easy to make me understand. Oh and I'm lazy. (So I would like the xBox Kinect, just to move so now and then my ass off the couch:)

What inspires you?
My friends. We always do so many fun things together. I'm rarely creative, but if so, my friends are to blame. I have already started to paint my door and to label all funny sayings and things that I experience with my friends so ^ ^

This is the coolest damn door in the world.
love at first Cookie \u0026lt;3

What is your favorite book?
The blood line of Cody McFadyen. An absolutely brilliant book that everyone have times, the likes murder mysteries or Phsychothriller. Mega written exciting and the ending is totally unexpected. Lest the people! I really can only recommend (:

What would you take to a deserted island?
Definitely a lot of biscuits! : D My friends d I would quite like to have ^ ^ Then I'm ever happy for now. No way I'd take anything that reminds me of school. And an alarm clock would be the last thing would end up in my suitcase!

Where do you see yourself in 30 years?
I see myself in a beautiful house that I have my wishes can be built to sit with my friend and 3 sweet children in our hot tub and eating cookies: D

What do you do when you answer these questions not just?
feed candy in the TV series broadcast my love Ling and make Dailiys at Dshini. Oh and sometimes I take care of my social Contacts and meet with friends. ^ ^


So, now you know a lot about me. Now helps only hope and pray that I win ^ ^ If you now come on the taste of Dshini since you can, then you also register you there like: http://www.

give at this point I now again at the blog owner, Stina, I wanted to again thank all of the doll that she is my drivel about me on her blog. You are the best \u0026lt;3



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