Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yasmin Under Blue Cross Shield

values \u200b\u200bGeographers!

begins the semester break!
One or two have seen the tender shoots of snowdrops, the warm sun soaked and hungry, came to my attention that even the first wild garlic was tasted.
probably most of you now the final exams have written.
And now you wonder: Can it be? If the winter semester really over?
Stop! It's coming to. Before now, one in each geographer geographer and in the wide world (or flies) to explore them, or at least in the charming and Leipzig will have enough time to spend a few tips from the FSR.

You have chosen I

A new Student Council was elected. In the period from 25 to 27.01. do you have in plenty of coffee, tasty sandwiches and visited a lot of chatter the voting booth and cast your vote. The newly elected
FSR `learning are Markus Fischer, Daniel Engelhardt, Friedemann Goerl, Anne glasses, Jonas Doyé and Sophia Martin.
If you want to assign to this name and all other assets in the FSR a face so you can later than this in the new semester in both digital video ( ) and analog in on the FSR's Wall Institute doing. There will be a spring cleaning in both places ...

You make elected II

same time, could you choose for your online FSR mustard to your future semester ticket.
The result of the random vote: that's nothing new is new. The students have voted by 51.3% for the traditional post LVB-base model.
More details about this place you under

Another thing important finally
Perhaps one or the other or what the issues identified by its audits in memory remains. Please spits it out! Write it down-the best in the forum ( ). Thus
her subsequent vintages help with their exam preparation and, above all, you help yourselves you are freed from the question and you can waste a light heart and good cheer in the next 7 weeks to go explore the world. And it thinks
many photos to make on your travel. You will perhaps have the opportunity during the summer term report of the experienced adventures and experiences in the best manner Pecha Kucha ...

We want a relaxed and / or adventurous time and leave us in the holidays with the Yogitee Quote of the day: "Where you go, go with all my heart."

- Your FSR


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