Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Can Dogs Get Ankylosing Spondylitis

My favorite February favorites

Hello lovelies (:

Phew, I've just come back from my second driving lesson And you were right, it is not so bad after all.. Anyway, I've looked again and found calendar full of wonder: We've March Where does all my time just going through any event on this occasion? my favorite products in February.

-> Baby Powder ( Review !)
-> Alverde Healing Clay Cleanser ( Review !)
-> Artdeco Eyeshadowbase (! Review)
-> P2 Bronzing Powder (
!) -> kohl pencils, because this month I've worn mostly eyeliner
-> P2 "Ku'Damm ( Review !)
- > Catrice "Spicy Coral

Simple, but effective. I have most of the time combines a dark eyeliner with one of those lipsticks that are indeed somewhat more conspicuous than a bright nude. Given a little sun on the cheek bone. Perfect for the late winter months!

The Waschcreme failed me at the moment unfortunately, I have my beloved "skin disease". As soon as I get only a cold start my skin, bitch to no end and pimples sprout etc.
Otherwise always a loyal friend.

What were your favorite products in February?
Have you good home tips for impure skin?


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