Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Often: Alverde healing earth series

Hello lovelies (:

I will say it again In my opinion the healing earth series alverde asked again last so also among my favorites Montas. Here I have already presented the show, apart from the peeling mask. However, this is almost a year ago, so I would like to briefly summarize my impressions here and hope it will help you and answer the questions.

healing clay cleansing cream

* 100ml, just under € 2-3, available at DM and Budni
* cleans the skin very well and gentle make-up, also in the eyes
* blemishes, it reduces very well for me
* nice texture, does not foam too much will not burn, in the eyes

Healing Earth Facial

* 150ml, just 3-4 €, available from DM and Budni
* very productive, but should be targeted, since it at least for me dries out the skin when used daily high
* mat and hold the skin and cleans in addition to cleansing cream
* reduces blackheads especially well and dries blemishes from

healing clay face fluid

* 30ml for about 3-4 € in DM and Budni
* has disinfecting and moisturizing, mainly supported by the tonic
* skin cleansing in addition, but with me not noticeably
* supplies the skin but good nutrients and makes them healthy shine

healing clay scrub mask

* 50ml, almost € 2-3, at parties during Budni and DM
* 2-3 times a week applied gently removes excess skin cells, but a bit dry, well-applied lotions are therefore necessary for the application
* for the grain is too gentle exfoliation, a mask, but the best
* removes blackheads especially in his T-zone well

I hope that has answered the frequent demands and the brief information you are enough, otherwise just write in the comments what you missing.
general, I can Write a recommendation for the series, unless you suffer from dry skin, because the series is in my opinion are very Austro ckend as a complete series every day.

What do you think of the products?
swears on which series you care?


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