Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Do Scorpio Men Want Their Space

fat thickness Geo-summer party on July 15th!

Geoninnen love love, Geon,

there is something to celebrate. For sure you all have learned something in this poor semester and even if you have the password immediately after the tests should again - the process of geographer-Werdung is unstoppable.

And there is structure to this process, maintaining social contacts, we hereby give you the opportunity to:
On Thursday at 7
there is "Castle Park" in front of our Institute (Jo 19a) fine party food. The fine folks from Geofakt vs. Artifact project, will offer delicious food

and shake in a most professional manner
to all sorts of geographic animosities
then we start at 9 right through to a live band
. Therefore, the combo Karl scraped together his guitar colleagues and you will be entertained. The port has an as yet unknown, but an even more talented
to you also to elicit from the last entropy particles. Let yourself surprise and the good news spread throughout the land.

Already take from 5 the way, the hot-blooded in the peace park to enjoy a work-in case of a dodge ball game . Who wants to get involved, you pass easily. The weather is more bearable by the way again and we will provide the winning team in any case a bucket of water for free, the rest falls into dust. by Come Let 's toast and experienced some of the last great GeonInnen before they are too famous to remember to you. who like pictures more than letters can also take another look at the poster in the last post. Well your FSR Geo Leipzig


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