Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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My new phone: Motorola's Motofone F3

Since the egg-laying wool milk phone with razor at the moment, unfortunately, does not exist ( see reviews N95 ), I have chosen the opposite approach: The Motorola F3 is the phone, texting and awaken. That's it. There costs 25 € (Ebay, + shipping), provides (IMHO) well and the battery survived loose 2 weeks standby. Here's my "review" after 2 days.

The operation is intuitive, if any (Nokia) standard. The complete guide fits on an A4 flyer (front). The ePaper display I find totally cool, so has a 80 "Wargames" charm and readability is great, even in direct sunlight. In the 7 was also a built-in ring tones here that suits them. In addition, the unit has robust, although it is very easy and flat. The keyboard is finally big enough for adults and has a good pressure point. Texting is fast, even without T9 , old messages deleted automatically.

Most of all I miss a proper address book (multiple numbers per name, address, email, etc.) and ZYB synchronization. So cool, the display looks like, 2 lines of 6 characters are little read, especially for SMS.

Get me well down a small address book (like, of paper) and give the F3 a chance, because who really deserved it! One has its own peculiarities (especially the screen) but like, otherwise you are with the Nokia 1000 series for 50 € probably better off.


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