Monday, November 19, 2007

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Internet + phone via cable BW

So, for a quick a progress report on my new cable Internet provider BW - altogether quite a successful alternative for southern Germany.

GOOD - 29,90 are actually for 10 Mbps including Web and telephone Flatrate a word and 5ct / min for Europe (mostly) and the U.S. are actually quite moderate. (Minimum term 24 months . Cable connection for about 15 € / month requirement, but we pay one way or another)


BESCH ... - 4 classes a total of 3 weeks until it finally works, after all, somebody came and has everything set up (the cable boxes in the house exchange would be on their own performance was hardly possible)

Power Phone:
GOOD - voice quality is super so far (about 1 month), no failures, the number has the local area code, and is actually easy to remember (but do not ask ...)

performance Internet:
GOOD - up to 1 MB / Sec. Download and 100K / Sec. Upload leave nothing to be desired, and the ping of 68ms I think is OK, too ...


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