Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Rosen (quilt) top

Finally finished!
Do you know that too, you have a new project in mind (or head), caught by this, and within a very short time the greater part is then finished. But then it comes, it lacks a certain piece of cloth, or you do not know how to make the margin, or the thread is all, or, or .... Well, and then the new project on UFO and waits patiently for its completion. And then an unfinished quilt top with unfinished .

And here are some detail photos:

But already be at the next decisions. Which substance I suppose for the back, at a time or together? What should the quilt pattern? In what color take I quilting thread?

Na yes, it will turn out all right, and in any case, I am now once that the top is finished.

Allen a good time and a great weekend.


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