Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can Metamucil Cause Kidney Stones

on to Dresden!

The Physios of you will have noticed it sure was crappy for a Months that was - the weather is concerned. So it can only get better and we want you for a couple of supporting information with on their way. whistle

The sparrows from the roofs. At 16:06, so in about two weeks, the major national demonstration against the savings plans of Tillich and Co. Who is not in the know, simply reads under
gradually in the next few days ago informed us and also your daily route is placarded.
It runs a special train from Leipzig and must be full!
second FSR-election postponed
The frantic forward shifted election of the new student representatives but is now indefinitely postponed. But you will search for the best schedule of elections, on the one hand, new Studis the chance to settle down and to stand for election and the term of office be kept to reasonable. It will be fascinating.

third BuFaTa

BuFaTa? BuFaTa! Federal Student Council meeting of the geography of Pentecost was in Dresden and your FSR was the second time. Both diligently working in working groups and spatial limits of the magazine was thinking, draw up a list of Masters Courses for Geos (and much more made), and evening "genetzwerkt", sometimes at Rosie Amüsierlokal, sometimes at the River Elbe and also it otherwise. Information and will soon be a reader there with us!

4th Colloquia
Addiction her interesting lectures in your area? Register now at and equal love. Seriously. In the Wiwis there on a private public partnerships, off we go on Friday afternoon (please look again on the blog, the exact time is not yet fixed) in the institute building on the new campus, more in the attached flyer.
The physical geography has spared no effort to get a real Börner to Leipzig. Zech's come to Leipzig and talk tomorrow 17.15 clock in the GeoWerkstatt of ENSO's finger print on glaciers in the Andes and the carbon cycle during the Pleistocene.

5th Summer Festival of the Faculty
The other institutes of the faculty have again a sumptuous summer party off the ground. A day after the demo it's in the Peace Park for the first round with a volleyball tournament (under the leadership of the sports fan Gipsy Joe, we are still looking for supporters for a Geo-Team) and later with cocktail bar and stainless steel products. The France-hit Mexico is there to see it too. For details and updates on
6th Microsoft licenses

A crazy offer awaits you - the faculty has licenses for Microsoft products (Office, operating systems) purchased at a bargain price and you may have. Just have to under your address. There you come
https: / /
with your password. It's best to address the added equal down at your Outlook or Thunderbird or whatever. Everything else is in the mail is located there.
We are planning a semester party, which will once again correctly Börner, in the week of 19.07. -. 23:07, hold you there once a week free of coarse and move your Transylvanian holiday possibly to the rear. ;)

8th Other

From 17-19. June 2010, the first student conference on sustainability in German speaking countries (D, A, CH) at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Under the title "Generation Sustainability - or after us the deluge?" are students from various disciplines to present and discuss their work and sustainability. Sounds really cool, ride out and check out the at times. Details in the Annex, HSK ... On 5.6. organized by the FSR computer science an information session on the topic of Linux. From 11.00 clock in the interim in the Johannisgasse 26 their best tricks and information received directly from the Nerds. A fine thing!

Stay tuned! World enjoy! your FSR Geo


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