Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cineplex Senior Prises

events about events, painted tutors funds and and and ...

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first Pecha Kucha on 20 May 2010 For those who do not know: Pecha Kucha is a legendary style of presentation, we have converted to that well-traveled geographers can tell of their experiences in the wide world. You are all cordially invited to your trip or whatever to show a large audience - the joke here: we have only 20 slides and each slide for only 20 seconds - no exceptions. Report to
m.schmidt.lpz @ googlemail.com
and be heard! The success of last year, "Pecha Kucha Always the east "must simply be topped! Kick off on Thursday, 20.05. At 20:20:20 Clock to the moderators duo Hotte and Totte. After the slide show we are sliding then also clean in the wet and weird Party in the John Allee delicacies. DJ Gypsy with the new system from the FSR Geo

deleted tutors second means what now

The sparrows are screaming from the rooftops. The state of Saxony will save and cuts in education. Thus, by decision of the Ministry of the tutors funds continued throughout Saxony and the faculty has no funds to support our field trips financially. That we can not countenance.
a) you are called to us to be creative PHOTOS / IMAGES / GRAPHICS for posters to come, bring your opinion, the reductions and eliminations of the tutorials / excursions etc. succinctly. Your creativity knows no bounds. We decided against AK in a single location, as all student bodies are affected in different ways and all should feel concerned. You may also like to create a full poster and hang it in your institutions. The idea is to raise awareness and to show that tutorials are essential.
your ideas and their implementation, we need before our next AK next Wednesday (12.05. 15 Clock).
b) We still need more supporters, so be again all welcome to participate to get in our AK.

c) On 16.06. (Also in a good month ... the time resting) a large demonstration in front of the parliament in Dresden is scheduled. This is a broad alliance of students, trade unions, social organizations, etc., has closed. The aim is to demonstrate against the current budget freeze and possible cuts for the fiscal years 2011/12.

... so act, as you studied only once (usually ...).

third GIS survey

please contribute to the survey tinyurl.com/3yz87rw that has created a student at our institute and aims to capture your views on the subject of GIS at the Institute. We sincerely like to thank Paul for his efforts.

4th Campus festival / Campuscup
is soon back Campusfest (9th-10.06). In www.stura.uni-leipzig.de/campusfest.html there is very much in advance some info. If you like sports and want to open up a team which then hits the campus hard in all kinds of sports with others, here is the link: www.stura.uni-leipzig.de/anmeldung-campuscup.html If you need support, writes us.

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