Saturday, May 8, 2010

Groping Women On Trains Movies

lectures in summer semester

times here for you an overview of what, when and where this term is present in lectures:

Leipzig Geography Colloquium
01.Juni.2010 - landscape relations and contingencies. Thoughts on (radical) constructivist theory landscape (Speaker: Dr. Heike Egner (Mainz), location: IFG)
06.Juli.2010 - Geography of Thought (Speaker: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Korf (Zurich), location: IfL)
Geographical Society in Leipzig May 11, 2010 - Bulgaria - between the Mafia, myths and Mitgliefschaft in the EU (Speaker: Christian hostage Mann (Leipzig))

Jun 01, 2010 - Cities in the Global Climate walls. How is the greenhouse effect will affect the climate of cities. (Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kuttler (food)) Jun 22, 2010 - Is the energy use of grassland sustainable? (Dr. Volker Stelzer (Karlsruhe))

Physical-geographic Research Colloquium Leipzig

May 05, 2010 - periglacial genesis and structure of coatings on carbonate rocks of the Muschelkalk (eastern Thuringia Basin) (Speaker: Heike Bullmann) 19th May 2010 - OSL dating of Late Pleistocene sediments of the central and the Rhine - new findings on Quartärstratigraphie (Speaker: Tobias Lauer)

02 June 2010 - Reconstruction and geo-ecological assessment of the Holocene landscape development on the example of Cracow Lößgebietes with special reference the spatially and temporally differentiated human-environment interaction (Speaker: Ronny Schmidt)

09/06/2010 Geoarchaeological studies in the vicinity of Leipzig (Speaker: Birgit Schneider & Christian Tinapp)

06/16/2010 Land use and forest fragmentation in the area of the Atlantic coastal rain forest of Rio de Janeiro (Speaker: Dietmat Sattler)

Jun 23, 2010 - Recent fluvial-morphodynamic processes in the foothills of the Organ Mountains, Rio de Janeiro (Speaker: André Kirchner) 30.06.2010 - carbon storage or release of C- ? Follow the restoration drained bogs in the Upper West Erzgebirge (Speaker: Anett Kruger)

07/07/2010 - Geoarchaeological Findings on the medieval Main-Danube Canal (Karlsgraben, Fossa Carolina) (Speaker: Stefan Berg-Hobohm, Brittany Kopecky-Hermann, Katharina Schnabl, Christoph Zielhofer)


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