Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brogan Manfrotto 344b Tripod

demos, parties, lectures - a new semester has started!

Dear students and students who

long long time hats - now there finally some info on the FSR Blog!
Party on the date of Geography
without words. Many empty bottles and a brilliant atmosphere speak for themselves. Thanks to everyone for coming and have time off. Until the next party FSR - probably again with band!
One more thing on the side: We miss the party for an MP3 player. If, as someone are interested, it would be really cool if this again in the next few days in the room by FSR.

FSR elections

Let's start with the good news. Once you have slighted the current FSR, so we almost 2 years with his arbitrary decisions and bad parties, you have finally the chance get rid of us.
At last her the boys may know with the superscript Polo shirt collar and the side job at BMW in FSR choose, so they are organized in the interest of the students in the student body.

This year, the FSR-elections are already on
. instead. Anyone who feels called to make himself the job please until October 29 on the list, which we displayed at our FSR-room door, enter. (Jo 19a institute building, the entrance in and left the course to proceed up the three stairs, through the door and then 2nd left.).

following should perhaps be considered if one wants to be elected to the FSR:
The work takes time
It is not just about organizing a party every few months. The FSR-weekly meeting lasts about 2 hours because there are quite a lot to discuss.
We are NOT a FSR in which people sit around their normal period to extend through committee work, or your CV polish. Who wants to only because the FSR is shot.
The work is stressful, and sometimes one is ready, people with whom one must be rumstreiten shot.
There is no money for it. Often not even recognized, let alone a thank you.
    We work for our students and ensure that the teaching and learning more in our Institute.
    to the whole business is also a good dose of idealism, or at some point starts to shoot at people.
can in principle be any student from each semester FSR member. 6 places to be filled. Apart from all the stress, but you can also learn a lot about networking, Unistrukturen, fellow students and themselves. Plus, it's usually a lot of fun and a few friends to win one of them.
  • So just apply, and, more importantly: CHOOSE!
  • colloquia, lectures and and and ....
  • We would like to invite you to all the other events that roll this semester so on us. Among other things, all the many interesting colloquia. All the dates you find on the side of IfG under
  • http://www.uni-leipzig.de/ ~ geog /
and soon as a summary on the blog with new stuff. Stay tuned for more announcements posted in the Institute, for example on our wall.

polythene cycling

This coming Saturday, 23/10/2010, there will be for the Erstis
and all interested parties a little bike ride to get to know the city of Leipzig .
meeting is 13 clock in the goat leather room (S 010) in the Student Council (Campus Augustusplatz).

The duration of the tour is 3 hours and there is also a self catering
inside picnic on the 20 km long tour type.
objectives of the tour are central university facilities (Albertina, Campus Jahnallee ...), cultural institutions (theater Lindenfels,
NATO ...) and student-dominated pubs miles (Karli,
Karl-Heine-Strasse ...)

We wish all who want to join and have fun all other anyway a great start to the semester!

your FSR


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