Monday, October 25, 2010

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semester abroad - information event

The International Office requires an annual central places at partner universities under bilateral university agreements (outside the Erasmus program, open to all subjects) from. The tender for 2011/12 is now updated: -> University of bilateral agreements.
It refers to an information event:

Where and when?
on 28/10/2010 at 15:00 clock, lecture hall, lecture hall 8

Pedition Opera

addition to the cuts in education and cultural institutions in Leipzig have major problems.
own businesses in the city of Leipzig cultural landscape threatened by a change Saxon cultural area of the law immense budget cuts. In contrast, there is a petition from opera, theater and Central Gewandhaus. The list can be found soon on the bulletin board of the FSR.

"Scotland Yard - on the hunt for X" in the Leipzig public transport

28th October 2010 by 15 clock
again "Scotland Yard - on the hunt for X" played in the Leipzig public transport (that is as off-road game).
learn in this game its public transport and the city of Leipzig and
maybe new friends know and chases it also a very rare group
- People that take their daily journeys by public transport
. That this prevented must be requested not only
the Saxon Minister of Transport and the strong with a reduction in public transport underlines
money, including you, you can participate. But not only the time the Minister of Transport is limited, you also have to
within 2 hours of X start.
The number of participants is limited to 30 people, which is why I consider a appointment makes sense.

the meeting to explain the rules of the game is the Student Council in the
University Street 1 The exact area can not yet be announced

The rules found her under

What really makes the FSR so every week ...?

Schonmal thought about it to our weekly meetings to look over? Our time is now! We meet every Monday 19
clock in IfG
(when the course comes in the very back on the left side, through the glass door, 2nd room on the left). We're always looking for talent and people who look just what we do so! provide visual background a little clip:
And the FSR Geography Geology has now managed to also
Facebook . Just for 'FSR Geo Leipzig "in the search type and zag - here we are.


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