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in November

demonstration in Dresden - a summary

The following press release from the Stura a big thanks to all who have made recently on to Dresden!
1500 protesters in a special train to Dresden, the StudentInnenRat

Uni Leipzig pleased with successful large-scale demonstration / cross-section

Leipzig, 4 November 2010. The StudentInnenRat the University of Leipzig
(Student Council) is very pleased with the course of yesterday's demonstration
against the planned cuts in education, social and
culture in Dresden. The Student Council organized by the special train
was filled with at least 1 500 passengers up to the last standing
. In addition, 38 students with the Leipzig
bicycle from Leipzig to Dresden went to the rally.

participated in Dresden even 8000 students at the protest march
"Education is VALUE" part and attracted by the College of Engineering
and economy over the Caroline and Augustus bridge to
parliament square. Before the parliament gathered against 17 clock 12
000 demonstrators in a two-hour rally. The
participants came from all sectors of society and
protested loudly and peaceful. In numerous speeches
was clearly have such dire consequences of the cuts and how
great anger at the country's government.

"Significant would be the ruling coalition can not show,
that their policy is acceptable. Now it is time for them to start
act and departs from its excessive austerity.
A country that does not invest in education, writes for the
future from themselves, "Simon Feldman, spokesman for the Student Council says.
The speaker of the conference Saxon students (KSS), Michael
Moschke , announced in his caring for enthusiasms speech
that the Alliance: "The future and cohesion", which organized the
demonstration, in any case, further
demonstrations planned, should not give way on the state government
2nd edition without limits - contributions wanted!
already "without limits" by - is one of the students' online journal? Yes? No? It's worth a look either way on the website to cast and learn more about it! And with power! For the second issue of students are sought to deal with the current theme of "social and environmental aspects of gentrification in the 21st Century" (in a diploma, or bachelor's thesis seminar). Do you feel addressed? Here are more details and background:

"Burn, fat cat, Burn! - Social and ecological aspects of gentrification in the 21


The burning cars in Hamburg quarters Nobel symbolize resistance. This

resistance is the current city development strategy that lies primarily with the slogan "Talent City of Hamburg" funds in the interest of sites of Hamburg. Mammoth projects such as the Harbor City
tie, while funds that are transferred elsewhere in social projects

The appreciation of a city region in favor of higher income and to the disadvantage of there
already resident population can be be the term "gentrification" in focus. The
consideration was always the place at the interface between planning and resistance. And
despite the fact that the Gentrifizierungsforschung has existed since the 60s, it seems
given the current process remains relevant.
you so far has been often reflections of socio-economic indicators, and left just as often
the environmental aspects of gentrification in mind. Here, a user moves to change
a neighborhood, a Kosumptions and change of use to be. Structural changes affect
Moreover, the urban biosphere. Urban policies and the sustainability of urban environmental governance can widen the view of gentrification.

Unclips invited in particular to review the theoretical and practical examples of
treat the consideration of the environmental dimension of gentrification!

We also ask for submissions on the following topics:

• current methods and methodologies of investigation of gentrification-
• contributions, outside the familiar gentrification Consider definitions (eg
Supergentrification, new-gentrification)
• Contributions to flesh out the social component of gentrification on new examples

• contributions, the resistance to gentrification processes treat
• Posts that the neo-liberal conditions for gentrification illuminate
The call is open until 31.12.2010. The drafting of the journal article is in consultation with the editors
between mid January and late April. These are spatial limits on 11.01.2011 in the second edition of
in the "Geography" published. It should
32000 characters including spaces are not exceeded.
Please send an abstract in which you max your contribution within. one side
summarizes in

career fair for geoscientists on 18.11.2010 in Halle
... an invitation from Halle! Dear students of geosciences, on 11/18/2010
11.30 clock starts the fourth We are pleased companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, BASF, to welcome Dow, Bayer and Q. Cells, which primarily look for geoscientists as employees and interns. In addition, eight of the largest German foundations as guests, who are looking for new fellows. Wolfgang-Langenbeck-Str. 3, 06120 Halle
Weinberg Mensa: 11:30 -17:00 clock
• Fair with 20 companies

foyer of pharmacy 11:30 -17:00 clock: • Scholarships / PhD Scholarships advice from eight foundations • resume check the Career Center the MLU
• Advertising Layout and application images check by

career talks for biologists at the Institute of Pharmacy:

• EPA clock 15:45 Room 219 •
Projecteam AG clock 12:20 Room 105
• Contact Singapore clock 15:30 Room 105
• presentation of the foundations clock 16:15 Room 105 eV

We, the student funding initiative of Natural Sciences, forward forward to welcoming you at the show to many.

Panel Discussion 19/11/2010 - coal, nuclear, wind ... What energy we can afford? "

coal, nuclear, wind ... What energy we can afford?
Friday 19/11/2010
start: 18 clock, following drink
Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig
Villa Klinkhardt
Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 1, 04107 Leipzig
panel discussion with Eva Sternfeld (Head of the Chinese position at the Technical University of Berlin), Andreas Berkner (University of Leipzig); Reimund Schwarze (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Climate Service Center Hamburg) and Hans Wiesmeth (Technical University of Dresden , a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig)
Chair: Ingolf Becker (MDR Figaro)

interested parties are welcome. Following is invited to a drink. Logons to your more information

simulation called "semi-fixed by the university - academic committees forthe Fit" 26-28.11.2010

FES Leipzig, 26.-28.11.2010 organized by
in a seminar with
game plan under the title "saddle fixed by the university - Fit for
the academic committees.

The seminar provides an insight into the opportunities for participation in

Saxon universities. It should enable new entrants and new entrants inside
, know the conditions to learn and to network with already
active students and exchange.

stands in the foreground of the transfer of theoretical knowledge to the new
Saxon Law on Higher Education (SächsHSG) and the associated
operating procedures in practical measures on the ground.
In some subject areas the background in small groups
be developed, supplemented with lectures and group discussions moderated
together. Rounding out the seminar by
a simulation of processes such bodies as the adoption
a study and examination regulations and the appointment of a professor. The seminar is aimed
game plan with interested students and
doctoral students who are already or will in the various
institutions of academic and student self-government act
. In particular, student senators,
Faculty Councils, and equal opportunities officer are addressed, to participate in the
seminar, to share with student representatives,
student councils and assets of the university groups bodies everyday to
simulate and a new generation of "fit for the academic committees" to make
The participation fee is 30 € including accommodation and meals
and seminar material. A mandatory registration is requested to 11/16/2010 under
News from the Career Center
There are still places available in exciting workshops and field trips. Just look at and register. If the desired course is fully booked, you can you e-mail at anmeldung.careercenter @ be put on the waiting list.

New office hours on internship

you seek information on the subject of training and have questions about the internship search, funding opportunities and application? Then their advice found in Katrina acid. A short consultation is without appointment
Tues 09:00 - 10:00
Wed 15:00 - 16:00


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