Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do Electric Heaters Cause Sinus Infections

Haul: Small Pflegeraubzug

Hello lovelies (:

I got glasses yesterday my future and how the chosen course of things is just so ... I finally landed at dm one is even there, it would also immensely. rude now to buy anything, because with so many beautiful offerings can not possibly say 'no'. The boom was Whoom Bääähm Zaaack Puuuff LE essence of it too, but they spoke to me so no. And reductions in the good things were gone. So it became a Pflegehaul ...

-> FA Deo Rice Dry 0,65 € (it was reduced, otherwise I would not have bought it, it smells not so good _..)
-> CD Citrus Shower Gel € 0.99 (which I bought for him just because of the smell ...)
-> Alverde Clear Face Fluid € 3.50 (it was empty and had to quickly restore)
-> Balea Brown shampoo € 1.65
-> Balea 3 in 1 Cleansing Gel € 1.45 (I will gladly shining Braun!) (Yes you knew the big question peeling [:)

Especially to the Balea shampoo will definitely come a review, I am sure that is already stretched. And to wash gel also like, if you wish.

Further Review requests? Just say;)
Have you ever tried the Baleashampoos?


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