Monday, February 21, 2011

Before And After Tanning Pills

P2 Lipcream Rita Hayworth

Hello lovelies (:

Lately, I always dig out old favorites and push this on beautiful treasures. This is also the P2 Lipcream in color 020 Rita Hayworth. Who knows the Lipcreams know what a great texture and above all they have are opaque. Wants for 3 € at the drugstore called something!

As you can see a fairly strong pink with a light blue-violet glow. It is especially beautiful course, subtle make-up or a classic eyeliner. Well, it fits so well combined super into everyday life. The Lipcreams relatively well (2-3 hours), have a nice, creamy texture, and they work very well on a lipstick, as here, the Spicy Coral eg Catrice.

it also has one of Lipcreams of P2?
Are you generally rather wide, strong or subtle, sheer lip glosses?


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